Primary Programs

Primary Mathematics

At In2ition Learning Centre, primary school students are exposed to a sequential, multi-sensory program that is aligned with the Australian curriculum. This includes practice with word problems and problem solving.

All students have access to an online program designed to practice basic facts which also exposes them to the relationship between numbers.

Explanations are clear and simple. We know how to develop deep, conceptual understanding of how numbers work. We offer an abundance of practice methods for students to learn effectively. The program used is designed to teach students specific skills that build as the student progresses. This systematic and cumulative approach uses a definite, logical sequence of concept instruction. The Math-U-See system is structured with step-by-step procedures for introducing, reviewing, practicing, and mastering concepts. Each lesson teaches using multi-sensory tools such as videos, manipulatives, and other resources, designed to appeal to any type of learner.

The program is effective when used in one-on-one teaching or tutoring situations. It can be used to supplement and reinforce math concepts with any student.


Reading is the cornerstone of success in school. Unfortunately, many children do not master the rudimentary skills needed to achieve independent fluent reading. There are many reasons why some children find reading a challenge. Being lazy or disinterested in reading are not the reasons. These are behaviours or strategies that students develop to deal with the fact that reading is difficult for them.

We use only direct explicit instruction methods at In2ition. These programs, including both reading and spelling, have been empirically research with proven results. We incorporate an extensive array of resources, whether it be using a direct instruction program, apps, online programs and worksheets, to support our students learning.


Developing students’ writing skills is a major focus of this program. This is important for students across all subjects as they proceed through school. The program covers reading comprehension, grammar skills, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary development and written expression. Planning, drafting and editing are taught in a wide range of text types, including reports, narratives, procedures, persuasive texts, poetry and media texts.

High School Programs

Mathematics Years 7-10

Our secondary mathematics groups cover the topics a student will be exposed to in their individual grades. Through expert help, clear succinct explanations and the time needed to practice skills taught, students gain confidence in their ability to learn and do maths.

For junior high school, our purpose is to ensure that students have a correct conceptual understanding in critical areas such as times tables, basic math facts, fractions, decimals, percentages and a strong grasp of numbers.

All sessions are taught by a qualified mathematician or a skilled, experienced and passionate tutor. Work is tailored to each learner’s specific needs, that fills the gaps and develops them from right where they’re at.

Students are expected to complete enough work to develop automaticity with the topics that underpin and are necessary for further learning in mathematics.

Teaching and learning is dynamic and interactive. Students experience high quality instruction, employing questioning techniques so they learn to think and develop confidence in their own thought processes.

Senior Secondary Maths Years 11-12

The senior mathematics course has changed this year to incorporate new topics which has meant a slight change in the name of some of the courses.

These programs in the Standard 1 & 2, Mathematics, Extension 1 (NEW) and Extension 2 (NEW), Mathematics Advanced (NEW) courses are designed to maximise marks for our students in their exams. We do this by clearing up any misunderstandings they have with their current topics, showing the most effective ways of setting out solutions, and organising revision of earlier topics. Practice exams allow students to check their progress and then fine-tune their studies. Tutors are experienced teachers, and many have SC and HSC marking experience.

We are very pleased to have Greg Czaban; the Doc 🙂 who is highly qualified and up to date with the latest changes and teaching practices, working with our high school maths students.

Junior Secondary English Years 7-10

This program covers reading comprehension and written expression of a wide range of text types such as discussion, exposition, information report and persuasive writing. Grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure are covered in depth. Learning how to plan and write essays is a major component of this program. The good essay writing skills students develop are helpful across a range of subjects.

Senior Secondary English Years 11-12

These programs in the Standard and Advanced courses develop reading and writing skills in a range of text forms, which is useful across a number of subjects that require essay writing. Students learn how to make meaning from a variety of texts, as well as the common Area of Study. Students learn to analyse texts at a sophisticated level.

Students are encouraged to read and research broadly on their topic of study. This information is used to synthesise information into a coherent piece of writing. Enabling them to deepen their understanding of the text and improve their overall writing ability.

We help students to understand and incorporate the technical language and all the other important devices in their written responses, allowing them to achieve at a higher level.

Senior Secondary Physics and Chemistry Years 11-12

These HSC tuition programs allow students to develop their understanding of their current topics while revising earlier topics. Learning how to use their knowledge to the best advantage under examination conditions is an integral part of these courses.